Anatomy for beginners, from a beginner

I was just finishing getting dressed this morning when the bedroom door nudged open and in walked Monkey.  Two things to note here: she was holding her Yoyo and she didn’t knock.

“Daddy,” she said, “you have a willy.”

I’m a bit worried already.

“And I haven’t.  And Mummy hasn’t too.  And Nuzzle and Scratch don’t have one too.”

“That’s correct”, I reply.  This is difficult ground – one wrong answer and before I know it we could all be answering questions about why I can wee standing up…

“And that means we’re girls and we run the world and you don’t, no.”

Hold up – what….

The World - I don't run it.

The World - I don't run it.

She walks out, singing now… “Who runs the world, girls – who runs the world, girls, not Daddy no – who runs the world, girls…”

I’m a little confused now – was she defining that I am in the back seat when it comes to running the world?  Beyoncé has questions to answer, here.

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