An amazing meal (or: How I’m worried I messed dinner up)

I am the most amazing chef.

No, really.  Everybody tells me so – Nuzzle’n’Scratch do.  Monkey does. MBW does. Sheila who ordinarily wouldn’t eat veggie food reckons so, too.  Bob and Bill both swear by my cooking.

Yes, I only hear what I want to hear, but I don’t care – my point is I’m amazing and that is what I go into the kitchen believing every time I cook dinner.

So, tonight I decided I’d pre-fry slices of courgette, procured from the Mother-in-Law, with a tomato and veg sauce, baked in the oven for about 30 minutes and served up with rice.  I can’t go wrong… I know I can’t.  I’m invincible!


So, I slice up the courgette, get out the garlic and… it’s gone off.  Not to worry, add some herbs and mustard seeds to the hot oil, start frying until they are golden brown… get a saucepan going with some chopped onion, peppers – heck I’m so confident at this point I take photos of the capers and the courgettes and – yeah I’m good.

I’m Legen – wait for it…

Capers - See, not kidding about the images

So, I’m popping the courgette on a plate to sit for a moment whilst I work on the sauce – my test pieces are incredible!

… dary – Legendary.

Whilst I am patting down the courgettes and popping them into the dish, I’m feeling good – I’m so good in fact I’ll try another bit… oh.

Not sure about this bit.  Slightly bitter.

Pre Sauce stuff - I added tomatos to this

I try another bit… not too great, either.  I make the sauce up and simmer it for a bit and think.


I’m worried.  I pile the sauce in, put it in the oven and sit down and blog.  If I don’t update in 24 hours, please contact my next of kin, who will be dining with me tonigh…

I’ve not thought this through, have I?

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