Apologies for the lack of updates – due in the most part to Nuzzle and Scratch keeping us up at night.  Good news is that we have some bunk beds coming next week though.

MBW had her birthday which was a success.  My Dad came to visit and babysat the girls so that we could have  a meal out together and MBW was surprised by the massage and my annual leave.  Monkey was made up to see her Dad-Dad again and we have a lovely swim – all of us – which really gave us all a chance to chill out with each child able to have some one on one time with no time constraints.

In other news, we won a UK bus award at work for the ECC Try a Bus Days and Access Braintree Projects which is exciting, and I have just won an award for an article for a trade association – ATCO –  magazine.  I’ll pop it online shortly.  It’s quite humbling to be recognised in this way – it was something I wrote literally in the hope of provoking one persons thoughts.  I feel very honoured to recieve something as high profile of this nature.

That’s all for now – time for bed in a moment, said Zebedee…


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