A week termination white paper

I’ve started typing this whilst I’m actually doing some reading around a course I am on next week – so there might be a some terminology slipped in.  Be vigilant – there could even be a test later.  I am going to be attending the PRINCE2 course.  The planned outcome is that I will be a certified PRINCE2 practitioner, which will be helpful.

This week has been difficult with the the girls all failing to reach Performance Targets – i.e. to sleep through the night.  Teething is to blame, a risk flagged up at the beginning and despite best planning, the risk is always doubled with Nuzzle and Scratch.    But we are hopefully beginning to plateau with Scratch at least…

I also acquired a bonus into my day – a  CD of various tunes mixed by Timo Maas.

Now for the quiz:

Which words above are offical terms in the Prince2 course… comments please!

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