A long weekend begins

I’m feeling full.  Very full.  Its my own fault – tonight I made a ratatouille that had red wine in it and I ate lots of it, coupled with bread dipped in olive oil.  I’m sure that I probably had far too many calories, but since I don’t calorie count, I don’t really care.  That’s not why I am blogging.

This morning I was laid in bed with MBW and various in the compliment of children that we have, when Monkey piped up:

I want to go to the beach, Mummy…

Now, I don’t go to the beach.  There is a simple reason for this – I can’t access the beach.  My front wheels dig in, my back wheels get sand in them and I typically don’t move very far, unless the far is ‘away’ from the beach. Its not normally something I lament, but this morning I did, because the above was accompanied:

… with Daddy.

Now that made me sad.  So, here is a promise to myself – to Monkey – and please do not let me forget it:

Next time I have the use of a Molten Rock Boma, I will take Monkey to the beach.

Chimp looking at the Children

Talia the Chimp looking at Monkey and Entropy

MBW and I then took her younger sister, Entropy, with Monkey, Nuzzle and Scratch to the zoo.  (We also invited her younger brother Chaos, but he wasn’t interested.)  I have a favorite thing – the Tamarin Monkeys, who will often come and climb up on my lap – and MBW likes the chimps.  There is a younger chimp, that is about 3 years old, called Talia.  Talia often takes an interest in Monkey if she has brought a dolly with her or (like today) a Mr Tumble toy.  Talia followed Monkey and Entropy, which gave a cute picture.

That was pretty much most of my day – time for Doctor Who on the iPlayer – and please, no spoilers.

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